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User Review

Thaddée's review - Ibanez GSR200

- In what country does she makes? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...)
Asia (if I remember correctly Ibanez has no fixed plant, once it is in a factory Core, another in another country ect ...).

- How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration?
22 frets mdiums type (not a Jumbo so good trs). 2 pickups, the neck pickup is a PSNDP (Micro Precision Bass type) and the bridge pickup is a PSNDJ (micro Jazz Bass type) for the config is pretty unusual as I know (well I'm not normally bass guitarist so it can be trs frquent for low) there is no micro slecteurs position, everything is done by the volume knobs for each pickup (for example, if you want just stick the mic position, you put the volume of the zero-bridge pickup).

- What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?
The fixed bridge is an Accu-Cast B10.

- What are the rglages (Volume, Tone slecteur micro ...)?
It possde 2 volumes, 1 tone, 1 Phat II eq which is a knob that adds power to her. No micro slecteur as mentioned above.

- What type of race?
Channel GSR4 Saddle with rosewood fingerboard. The handle length is 34 ". The handle is screwed to the body. The varnish is trs end (I'm not talking about the quality but the quantity of varnish).

- Your score on this?
Not impressive but nothing dcevant on paper, for 230 new I believe in you can not have more. APRS is of tastes and colors and how well. In the era when I bought it from did not matter and I thought the Ibanez made instruments of good quality so I bought your eyes closed.
230 10/10 because there are surely worth the money.


- The handle is it enjoyable?
The varnish is an excellent quality has not slide well. Spcial blame if anything.

- Access in acute (dernires freight) is it easy?
On the high strings so, not on strings. The beginning of the horn starts from the top a little too tt, impossible to play on the strings from the cargo 17me thumb for me.

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
It does not possde is growing so quickly the pickups are a new manner the concerns is that I doubt that a microphone is good for the long run. APRS to reach the knobs is pretty simple, everything is in a group party does not impede when playing and is quite close to the strings so easy to achieve. The weight is good, not too heavy because I do not recall having hurt the shoulder by playing, not too lightweight because I do not remember it flying in all directions for nothing. It is stable or is not looking forward or toward the rear, both sitting and standing.

- Gets it easy to sound good? ...
The very first time that I branch, it was a worry of freight and silent unplayable then return the sender o I was made Manir not possible to resume it sr rev it common for people to change them even their cargo (the era I went to a store that looked more like a shop o is trying to pass you anything for Lille index, name starts with and ends Royez Music ...). APRS back I was finally able to play with, it bordered on too much, not too hard to get it right, no dphasage when the strings rang empty.

- Your score on this?
Relatively easy to use, it's more than enough to make its mark, learn some techniques for low and especially him endure the worst thing he's better not to endure a low premium (some violent slapping, tapping totally crappy ect ...). I do not put a black mark for the sake of stick because I have returned, if not a tai have a nice 0 / 10, so I note 9 / 10 because I do not think of things hanging as a price (like body shape that is not the best). That said again to 230 ...


- Appropriate are your style of music?
It is a versatile low enough, we're going around without forcment be excellent. I would say a range from pop / rock to mtal but without much conviction. However, I do not remember once having to abandon a piece because the sound of the bass did not fit at all with what I should do.

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I played with little amp 20w Drive, just enough to train with me, and a Bulldog Distortion at the end.

- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
A good clean sound in gnral still unconvincing but far better than the sounds I heard on the low end of the same CHRE see a little more. It prcis round but I can not find a warm, runny or even fat, so a good place for me. The treble is well and ptillants Submitted to the same way as many low fleshy and well rounded. For distortion with my Bulldog c'tait trs vintage enough "purring" prcis always, good treble can be heard when solo. The bass kept their characters as well rounded, well prcises.

- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?
The clean and distortion silent good enough for the low price of this was enough to have fun but I think that miracles are not logically, lack of lack of quality DEFINITIONS.

- Your score on this?
We make a low-end bass that keeps its promises, it can be fun to go around without too much trouble. Far better than some competitors of the same price o lgrement suprieur price, so I note 10/10, not too too much blame do not see clearly on this point.


- How long have you use it?
I used a good year.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
What I most c'tait AIM to be able to really test what c'tait low, to see what could be done with the exploitable DIFFERENT styles ect ...
What is the least I AIM APRS prt have a "friend" when I made it, the handle began to rot (probably because of the sweat ) somewhere. A little heart I had left the cot at the time and want to resume the handle twisted and silent compltement become unplayable ... This cumulation problem that I had to handle the purchase, Ibanez has really not in quality but really not at all ...

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I tried Squiers, and this Ibanez. The Ibanez Me with ornament at his best and feeling is what made me choose it plutt another. In the long run I do not know if c'tait the best choice ...

- How do you report qualitprix?
I had bought 280, now I'm going o the store, it is 230. Should be re varnish directly to avoid such worries. APRS with any costs above I do not know if it would not take a direct prfrable LTD / ESP directly. The price is low but the quality trs in the end is even more ...

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
No, not really. J'achterais a LTD / ESP but much more CHRE INTERESTED report o the quality worth the price. I do not even advice for beginners as far as it may cost much more to maintain a low CHRE lgrement more CHRE that it will be better quality.

- Your score on this?
A Premire for quite promising, this bass is a horror rvle the hard way: the lack of quality big push again a lot of things, ranging from coating of the handle to the change of microphones, then in change mcaniques are REALLY bad. I would put all of the same 5 / 10 because it has held almost 2 years and if I had not I would play lends itself can be still with today.