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User Review

Good! - Reviews Ibanez GSR200

Made in Indonesia, I think it's the only important point, which governs the price and quality of the whole.


Low with excellent grip. The handle is quite nice, except I think has the access to acute or we must finally break up the wrist to get the note.
The shape and color are really beautiful, even if the body lacks a little personality in the end we are left with a beautiful instrument.
on the other hand, potentiometers that do not actually act as equalizer, it is quickly bored, and eventually, out of spite, just put a bottom.


Sound level ... We are still in the very low end. The preamp is all the same feeling when playing in the bass, the sound is very round and at the same time quite metal, making it a good bass for the alternative rock or punk rock.
I play with a simple Hartke B150, simple and effective, and frankly, to start I think it's the perfect combo. We do not have settings to do just the volume, and has little directly to the point. If you are looking for a bass without the fuss, I think you found it.
But his level, nothing really folichon, friendly enough bass, but treble lacking, but what do you want for that price, it was not a Stingray.


I use it for 2 years now, she never fails, it's my first bass, and it is downright brilliant in this role. Everything is in extremely simple, and when it starts, no attempt is necessarily making direct head with sound.
In addition, the white pearl is truly magnificent.
What I love is all about usability, and simplicity.
What I like least is the general quality of the set (a knob that pops without asking him is quite annoying, and sometimes has problems of its frets ...), the strings too close the handle, the highs are pretty ugly.

But frankly, these are minor flaws compared to the general, a good sound, good looks, excavation potato when to ... What more when it starts?

I would do well on this choice without hesitation!