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User Review

michel_olivier's review - Ibanez RB924

Good bass from 1983 made in Japan, alder body and maple, passive, excellent finish, 24 frets.
Model not distributed in France, so there are very few among us ...
Exists a priori in the same reference with one or two microphones ...
A single coil neck pickup accurately typed, double (humbucker) in the bridge position. Both pickups have the distinction of having the screws as studs (2 at each plot) which are height adjustable, so you just play on the attack and the presence of each string.
Three buttons:
Micro balance with a notch halfway: at 0 = neck pickup (precision), 10 = bridge pickup (humbucker typed JB Musicman question his view), 5 = both pickups.
An overall volume
A general tone
A 3 position switch for the humbucker (the one you can have a JB at the Pastorius, a more Musicman typed, or otherwise varying the tone at the same time).
Very very big versatility of sounds ranging from Jazz to Precision Bass through the Musicman or Rick ...


Channel Deverne (personal preference) large enough (more than a Fender)
Good ergonomics, easy access to acute.
Setting the string close to the handle easily for a quick game.
Sounds very good, but needs to know a little three-set button and the switch, and the balance between the strings ... but then it is a treat (so it's harder than a classic Fender).


Very good sound in general, very good low, mid, treble.
Played with a head and a Tube Works custom cabinet.
Suitable for virtually all styles and sounds, except slap where I find a bit limited (it does not that sound balanced with natural harmonics of a metal in Précsion slap), but it is still extraordinarily versatile.
Have a look to the opinion of owners of RoadstarII Hamony central, you will see


Maybe not the most suitable bass to the slap, more suited to rock, blues and jazz to funk (although it sounds to the fingers), but very versatile.
Very good product to buy if you see a pass (and her sisters Ibanez Roadstar II the same year)
I would say it's worth in the 300 to 400 euros minimum, given the quality and versatility.