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in one word: "bluffing" - Reviews Ibanez Roadster Bass

mine is 1982 japanese dark brown, and black ribbed which gives an impression wood, marble or very dark! I frequent vs. not sure ;)
Round 3-part maple and maple key
Micro-passive: 1 type bp side handle and side easel jb 1 2 ivoir color with adjustable stud by alaine key!
-A potentiometer volume and tone micro
-A "switch" selector 3 positions: bp single mic, mic pb and jb and jb mic only
weight: 1 ton 5!!


very low heavy look quite original because paint dark brown wood furniture and style caravan dark, but modern form, varnishes excellent and great condition top of its 31 years! handle all maple is quite comfortable: one can touch but not too rounded (I prefer the flat key) dimension and not too "large non plus" (this is not a handle Jazzbass what; precision rather see sting ray) I is very pleasant to play finally!
the selector is super handy as a "notch" is changed totally sound universe!
and ca 1 volume and 1 tone for each pickup required for passive! setting the tone are very wide so precise (of a very serious very sharp but not too criar which is perfect)
be noted that the 4 button potentiometer his big brown smoked transparent Plexiglass with a golden graduation figures inside the plexi! In short, they are gorgeous!


then you attack the most interesting! it sounds as you like! aggressive, gentle, roots, vintage, rock, short ... anything goes!
but the bassist search recess is the "grain" of the bass! signature sound! for me there are three major, the best known, and its fender precision bass Jazzbass, and his humbuker with the music man stingray! (I already had a jazz usa) vs went well and be served!
Bp-position mic bah ... it sounds bp! there was no wiggle! believe we have a ds in hand!
And position-jb alone as it has come very close to the sound his Pastorious! in any case it was a beautiful medium grain increase by doing that you can play very very close to the bridge saddle as it is wide (hard to explain, try to perceive themselves pr)
2-mic set gives a well balanced choices between medium and severe! the mediator example was a sound that sounds good English pop rock!
AND all with wood is more than 31 years! the fresne and maple gives more punch to it slamming her beautifully kind marcus miller, qd we can assaulted a rope or slap or qd is superbly aggressive buggers ls more, giving his red hot ds (What stingray) and combines very well with the saturation of your amp if u push the gain!
in short sound super versatile, and grain has low 3000euros! or even better than some grain Jazzbass usa I had that I was disappointed! low while a 1000EURO roadster that I have now (by chance buy a guy get rid and in my opinion no one knew what the possess as low, and sold it to me for a pittance) fills everything I was looking for a bass ds! personality and versatility! I'm not near me separate!


make a ca me as I have and I must say I'm thrilled! if you have the opportunity to try, do not hesitate, especially if it is 30 years old!
I have a bass that has aged well, which should sound contributed to this personality who, when he was tried, vs gives the impression of playing and know better now that we do not so would stop most c ' the sound is good!
I play bass head and cabinet swr mark!
I'll keep revendrais and ds can be some years yet!
I think it's that low is priceless! she is 31 years old and mine did not move a muscle! (Handle impeccable paint varnish impeccable, impeccable knob, not a hum!) And the age and the sound it gives now (thanks also to these micro I do not know the brand or the ref) could put a passionate expensive I think!