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User Review

Anonymous's review - Ibanez Roadster Bass

Low japanese, mine seems to be 1978
24 frets
Volume, Tone is a switch: off the prampli, a treble boost knob Potar a serious buffs


Round a little big, Access in acute nickel, good ergonomics can sound quite broad.
However, low trs heavy ...


For funk, soul, bikutsi, reggae it is very well.
The sound is "fat", fat, round course is simple.
I will say it calls a play roots of things, felt, music afro rhythm.
May also be suitable rock.
The subtle is not his strong point.
Its quite nanmoins prcis.
Can be obtained with low trs heavy prampli and knob serious seeing too low, the bowls do not like any a.
You can have a trs sour with micro fever and acute buffs, but what was the point?
The micro precision alone without the boost is very well, not even a fender when something heavier and cold, but the rendering is required.
A phase-out of its position INTERESTED micro intermdiaire.
I find all of the same only the serious micro honors the violin and the rle of this bass.


So here, has been 10 years that I have, I pay a sales dpt misra at the corner, since I had a Jazzbass Mexico, a precision, a burns Bison low, but it was she who left.
Get out you me! It is solid, I'm not afraid to offend by making it fall, it has serious and sound prcis it trs old well (she is my age, damn!) I think that's it the bass of my life.
Like what the Japanese do things that age well, this is the case for it, not vintage either, but it's not a SDgr or one of its Cort who psent 3 grams and meet the cellar rock.
Good with it, certainly you will ruin your back, certainly it has no finesse, but it's reliable.