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User Review

Quentin2819's review - Ibanez SRX500

The table and the handle of this bass is made of Saddle divided into 24 frets. It possde corrsepondent 4 buttons that each volume, balance, and at low frequencies.
It is equipped (initial purchase) Elexis string.
I bought 511 color sunburst on the site of Thomann.


But here's a round enjoyable! Indeed, CHARACTERISTICS bass Ibanez is the finesse of the handle. It's super enjoyable to play on with Access in acute relatively easy. The only default is that we could give it weight. But I must say that I was not a hit or gn. All this is to have a comfortable Lanir!
All CHARACTERISTICS sr are accompanied by a superb design that I love!


Then the sound level ... It makes sense! A warm and very clear for many styles of music prcis but is versatile trs. It passes easily from the mtal Młoda acoustic. I use a Fender Bassman 150 combo bass and sound, admnage. Frankly I do not blame him at the sound that excels!


I use it for six months and I conquered. This bass offers many opportunities for good bass players but is also good for beginners trs. All this while keeping a reasonable price trs in the vicinity of 500. I classify the trs good bass 4 string Ibanez.
And nothing more motivating than beginners music with an instrument that we like! The SRX-500 is love at first sight when seen ensured. LORD is love when you hear it!

No doubt, this bass is fantastic!