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User Review

Very nice bass. - Reviews Ibanez ST924

Value For Money : Excellent
I now have an Ibanez studio exactly like the picture. I know too much but apparently it dates when they areté to be manufactured in the late 1980s .. Actually this is a very heavy bass but really amazing! The surprise comes from the versatility of this bass: rock, jazz, funk .... We go to the Pastorius sound a big rock sound that is quite dégeule allucinant! she really has a color in his old school too. There is an active / passive switch. It has a large output level that is almost saturate the amp when I put it in force.
There is a selector 6 positions which is not to pretty! you can really have a wide range of sounds, which justifies the fact that it is studio.

The handle (screwed) is quite macif (reminiscent of that of accuracy) but worked great and really comfortable to unpack too: we have an ibanez in my hands! This is a 24 frets so it is also a plus.

The tuners are accurate enough (less than my custom shop but hey it's not at all the same price ...)


I did jazz and rock and also stain with the motown funk and it's huge every time.


See above


Quality / price excellent!

An old school style top.

Personally, even with a fairly large weight (6kg?) I'll still take it out on stage!

The notice posted earlier about changing pickups for EMG can perhaps provide more, I'll think about it, but even with the original pickups, I guarantee you that it sounds!