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Music Man Sterling Sub - Reviews Music Man Sub Sterling

I bought this bass from a music shop in London for £625 with a gig bag thrown in.

ok firstly i had set out to buy a fender aerodyne jazz bass, then i saw this and immeadiately wanted to play it. It sounds awsome, the active 3 band eq gives me so much tone variation, from thumpingly low notes to crisp high note barks and everything in between. Im not actually a big fan of stingray subs but this sterling sub was nicer in every way, its lighter, the neck is thinner and faster, it has a 3 band eq and the graphite finish looks fantastic, some people bitch and moan saying the scratchplate is cardboard, its not, its aluminium, and being a finger style player damaging the plate isnt really going to happen anyway

theres nothing i dont like about it, its pretty much the nicest bass ive played.

solidly built, finish is tough and not easily marked, it weighs around 9lbs so not too heavy either, neck is bolted on with 6 screws and plus the bass comes with ernie ball strings and not the usual cheap rubbish most new basses come with, the bridge is solid and chunky and the whole bass is just very sturdy

basicly its a sterling on a budget, ok so you dont have musicman written across the bridge, but it plays and sounds exactly the same as a regular sterling, its basically a pro bass that doesnt cost too much,if u get the chance to try one then do so, u owe it to yourself to play this bass

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