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User Review

moosers's review - Peavey Fury

The Peavey Fury is an electric bass guitar that was made in the USA and has two pick ups.  The bass is clearly modeled after a Fender bass as it looks remarkably similar.  The bass only has setting controls for both tone and volume, so there isn't too much control over your sound in terms of what you can do on the bass itself.


Playing the Peavey Fury is quite enjoyable as the fluid neck makes it an easy guitar to play.  The shape is reminiscent of a Fender guitar, but is slightly different looking and the head stock is of a completely different style as well.  The weight isn't anything out of the ordinary as it seems to be about as heavy as a standard bass guitar.  Playing all around the neck is a cinch as I find I am able to easily navigate my fingers up and down the neck of the guitar.  Getting a good sound also isn't too hard as it has a nice inherent tone, granted of course that you know how to play already.


The sounds that I am able to get with the Peavey Fury for recording are quite good.  It has a unique sound but if it can be compared to anything I would once again compare it to a Fender bass guitar, specifically a P-Bass.  I normally will record both a DI signal and an amp signal from this bass guitar and I find that this is a pretty good combination in terms of getting a full sound that also packs a lot of punch.  The main thing that I would like to emphasize with this bass is that it has a lot punch to it and is great for playing up beat rock and pop music.


I've been using the Peavey Fury in the studio for about a year and half and while I wasn't familiar with this bass because I came across it, I've become a big advocate for it in the time that I have been using it.  I haven't seen too many of these for sale so I don't know much about the price range of this bass.  I would think that it wouldn't cost all that much money as these are exactly the most sought after bass guitars in the world.  Overall the Peavey Fury is a great option for the bass player looking for a mid range guitar that may not be the 'real deal' like a Fender but is a great instrument nonetheless.