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User Review

Audiofanzine FR's review - Peavey Fury II

(Originally written by BiXeR/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- This bass guitar was probably made in (South) Korea.

- 21 frets, one-piece maple neck with rosewood. The body shape is almost the same as a chamfered PB but much lighter (poplar, agathis?).

- Peavey dual-coil pickup in center position (see picture).

- 3-band active EQ plus volume control.

- Burst aluminum hardware, sturdy badass-type bridge, lubricated machine heads (they are very thin but they stay perfectly in tune).

I miss a pickguard in spite of the very high-quality varnish.


- Ultra slim neck (slimmer than a Jazz Bass!). It's flat and not very wide. In short it's very pleasant, for small hands too.

- Jazz Bass-like upper frets access...

- Very ergonomic instrument thanks to its lightness, perfect balance and pleasant neck.

- Very good sound with generous mids and lows. The active EQ doesn't allow you to get a twangy Jazz Bass tone even when the treble control is turned fully up. That comes from the humbucker in the center position. So this bass guitar is made for rock and reggae but it can also produce good slap sounds with the appropriate amp settings.

The 3-band EQ provides a wide range of sound possibilities. I'm always surprised when I see active basses with only two EQ controls, because everyone knows that only the mids shape the sound.


- This bass is good for rock and heavy metal players. It's not as good for funk. In spite of the active pickup, the bass produces a vintage sound with an old Fender amp.

- The Fury 2 provides well-defined lows, and present, warm and natural mids (unlike an active Ibanez). Boosting the high frequency range allows the sound to cut through a mix (for walking bass parts, for example).

I give it 10/10 considering its price range! It's not an Alembic.


I've been using it for some months and it does exactly what an old rocker like me expects of a bass guitar.

I love its lightness (you don't feel tired even after playing three straight hours).

I also own a passive Peavey bass and both have an identical sound range. But this one is half as heavy. With its very slim neck it's perfect for girls who don't want to play a short scale bass!

You should put on a heavy string set (45-100 minimum). I got it with light strings (90-30 or something like that)

It's a very good bass for people who want an affordable active bass with few controls. This bass has simple and effective controls.

Once again, this Peavey offers a very good value for money.