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User Review

Anonymous's review - Peavey Fury II

- Low presumably made Korea (South))
- 21 frets, stick a piece of maple, rosewood fingerboard. The body is roughly that of a PB chamfered and much lighter (poplar, agathis?)
- Unmute double Peavey (3 bands) single center position (see photo).
- 3 knobs active EQ & volume.
- Brushed aluminum fittings, bridge type solid Badass, mechanical oil bath, fine but keep the agreement in an exceptional way.
It lacks a pickguard, even if the varnish is very good (for my taste)


- Handle hyper-fine (more than a jazz bass!) Not very wide and flat. In short, very accessible even for small hands.
- Access to acute worthy of JB, with the heel that goes ...
- Ergonomics of its light weight, perfect balance and handle the most practicable.
- Its really good, in the register big full bass and midrange. Active equalization does not have the slamming of a JB even with the treble at the bottom. Blame the humbucker in the center position. A for use Rock-Reggae while working at the amp can slap a more than respectable.

That said, the 3-band EQ allows adjustment of the real. I am always surprised to see low active EQ with 2 knobs. Everyone knows that by acting on the mediums that hollow sound (or not).


- Suitable for the good old Rock-Metal families. Slightly less for the funk. On an old Fender, it sounds very roots despite the active microphone.
- The Fury 2 delivers well-defined bass and midrange convincing without seeming "synthetic" or "cold" (like Ibanez active). Push the treble can get out of the mix on walking, for example.

10/10 for me. I say this every time, in this range of instruments. This is not an Alembic. Comparison is not right ...


Used in recent months, it fulfills its function perfectly for an old rocker who does not meet the Stade de France.
I love its light weight (pain-free after 3 hours) and the serious present.
I have another Peavey passive, they are worth the same in a register. This one weighs two times less. With mache too late, certainly a case for girls who do not want Short Scale!
A ride with real strings (mini 45-100). I got it with ropes momolles (90-30, exist? It was like that ...)
A great choice for those who want an active around € 250 without countless knobs. There is very simple and effective.
Again, Peavey has a very good compromise € € € / quality.