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Peavey Fury II - Reviews Peavey Fury II

Bought this (barely!) used for ~$125 from ebay.

When it works it has a great sound, very playable. It stays in tune well, provided you're careful with it (why do all bass guitars have such huge tuning knobs?).

The electronics have been a huge problem for me. First the input jack wires came loose and then came off. The 9V battery (for the active pickups) clip wires have come off forcing me to manually clip the wires to the terminals. All kinds of connecting wires within the bass have come off as well. I have had a problem with the electronics of this bass at nearly every show I've played so far. I have to keep the back cover off because I need to tweak with the wires so often.

The musical components of this bass are solidly built. The neck is straight and plays well, the tuning components are very solid, all the knobs have stayed on and it looks pretty slick.

I cannot recommend this bass due to all the problems I've had with the electronics. It may just be this particular one that's giving me trouble, but unless you've got a warranty or you feel comfortable fixing the wiring inside the bass yourself I'd stay away. Definitely not reliable enough to play gigs with, but if you're only going to be using it to learn how to play at home you might think about getting one cheap because it plays so nice.

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