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User Review

perfect for me! - Reviews Squier Standard Jazz Bass

Squier JazzBass, manufactured in Indonesia, 20 frets, pickups: 2 single coils, buttons: 2 volumes and a tone


the sound is clean perfect ergonomics (in my case) nothing to say


ideal for slap, perfect for playing fingers, great for playing with a pick (but it is not my thing)
the range of sound is not too bad, but between the amp and effects easily I spend a large dub sound very heavy and warm sound industrial cold flapping desire to slap


I started playing bass 18 years ago and I learned on a copy of JazzBass Jim Harley, then went four years later in an Epiphone LP, on which I played until September 2012. I was just looking for a small amp in ads for work at home and I'm tobe an offer on a behringer amp 60w + cettte bass, fly and 300euros for a tripod, I went to try it all and there! magic! I felt comfortable as I had never been on a low (I even had a Warwick), I bought and played on LesPaul to test the amp, and then more nothing, as if I was playing for the first time over, not good at all
I just think it again a little body paint immediately I just paint pickgard), and perhaps revise the electronics on it later, because even if it is a cheap bass, we know that our a bunch of years, and the next, for sure it will be a Fender JazzBass