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User Review

There is plenty to do. - Reviews Squier Standard Jazz Bass

It is made in Indonesia and it has everything a Fender Jazz bass except that it is written Squier and the body is apparently made of agate. Finiton the body is correct even if such a big hit at my varnish colant and "pasty" as the satin of the handle fits me perfectly. FNAL So I redid the finish of the body ...


Instrument rather comfortable, which requires a small period of adjustment of the handle, but if you have the hand that does not pose particular problems. Access to acute is very much in the spirit of his "big" sister. It sounds except that the electronic fishing a lot compared to the rest of the violin. I felt that the instrument acoustically had some potential but see a definite potential that some elements did not help his development and electronics locura ...


Yeah, the jazz bass is totally my style! Once the main body polish removed and rebuilt electronics with a change of better quality knobs and microphones Tonerider Jazz Plus I can now make the most of the Jazz bass and I'm very happy. J'optient sounds I like those known to the Jazz Bass ranging from jazz to blues through the Rock and Funk ... Pasto, Marcus Miller ... slap and other greedy antics!


After four years and a change of use of varnish and electronics it gives me a lot of fun! I tried different models, I even owned a Yamaha there a good ten years and ECTT Jazz Bass is comfortable and pleasant sounds. It is not too heavy, has the sound character and is rather easy to play while taking the agreement fairly well. I do not regret my purchase!