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Squier Black and Chrome Standard Precision Bass

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Squier Precision Bass 2
Squier Precision Bass

User Reviews

Squier Standard P-Bass Special

By MGR/stngklr, 13/04/2003
I ordered it through Musician's Friend. It was about $220. I got it because this was when I was just starting out and didn't want to pay way too much.

This is a somewhat decent bass gutar. The neck isn't too chunky, but not too narrow either. I definitly like the way it looks. Also, I like the P/J pickup combination. This lets you play with lots of variation in the music you play. That's really it though. This a good bass for beginners, and only beginers. When I first got it, it was great, but after I got to be more experienced, it started to hold me back from reaching my full potential.

There's plenty I don't like about it now. When I first aquired it, I didn't care and just wanted something to play on. The frets were buzzing a lot. I fixed this for the most part with a little adjusting. Another thing is with the volume and tone knobs. They are always coming loose and falling off. Same with the strap locks. Every time I had my strap on they came loose, and eventually stripped the hole. Even though I like the P/J pickup configuration, you can get that on a lot of other basses. I was just got unhappy overtime with the sound that was being produced. Or maybe that was my amp. Whatever. Oh yeah, there's only 20 frets. I don't know about you, but i'm not a sit there, and follow the guitar around kind of guy. I need those extra 4 frets to work with.

The construction is very nice, I think. It's very durable, and believe me, I did give it quite a beating. I did drop it once pretty hard, and that took a little chunk out the side. But nothing that a little black electrical tape couldn't fix. The bolt on neck is of good quality.

The bottom line, well? Like I said before, it's a good bass for a beginer, and nothing more. If you just want something to play, this could be for you. If your looking to get a bass, and keep it for a while, then maybe not. And don't let my poor rating detour you if you are a beginner. You could buy it and keep it for a long time and be satisfied with it. That's up to you. But if you don't mind spending a little extra cash, you can get something that's still newbie friendly, yet allows you to become a bass monster at the same time.

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Fender Standard P-Bass Special

By MGR/PowerStud, 07/10/2003
I bought this base from Musicians Friend for $239.00 as a Bass to learn on.

With the 3 tone sunburst finish this Bass is hard to tell from the "real" Fender P Basses. Top notch construction, great playability, fabulous adjustable tone through the P and J pickups, and overall playability. I play a little bit of everything and from a funk slap to metal bass lines it does it all quite well...
I have also never been around a bass that stays in tune as well as this thing does. Overall this is a great piece of gear for beginners, and much longer term players I know have bought one of these to use in gigs after playing mine.

The strap lugs and input jack screws come out way too easily. I knew about this behavior from previous reviews and friends experience and fixed this when the first screw fell out. Not a big deal, not worth dinging Squier over except they ought to have this right from the factory. I have also had to resolder the input jack once already. The wiring conections inside the bass didn't look too solid. Nothing a little solder can't fix, but then again, Fender / Squier should have this right before it leaves the factory.

On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give it a 9. Pretty good, but not all the way there. The security of the fasteners and the solidity of the connections need to be improved, but then again, I have played $1,500.00 basses that have far worse problems.

I love it, if it were stolen or destroyed I would buy another one, or look at the MB-4.
But then again, why listen to what I am telling you. GO PLAY ONE OF THESE BASSES! I can tell you about how well mine has held up, but only YOU can tell if YOU can get this bass to make the sounds YOU want to make... So go, now, and play one of these!

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Fender Standard P-Bass

By MGR/Anonymous, 14/11/2003
I bought this particular unit at a local guitar store called the String Shop. I paid about $450 for it because i got the sunburst finish.

I like it because the strings are slightly hire off the body than my other bass, so it makes slappin a hell of a lot easier. Plus, it is very light and easy on the shoulders. It looks sharps as hell too.

Really the only thing i didnt like about this bass are the pickups. They are a bit noisy, but I plan on upgrading soon.

IT is very good quality and is built pretty solid.

I would highly reccomend this piece for anyone. It is moderately priced and sounds really good.

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Squier Standard P-Bass Special

By MGR/Philip Avakian, 09/08/2004
I read reviews of this bass here at
and bought it at for 250€.

I love this bass because it's easy to play, the great sound, just everything.
A nice Jazz bass neck allows you to play easily,
and with the J-Bass and P-Bass pickups you can have almost any tone you wish.
Turn up the J-pickup and play some funky jazz,
or go Rock and Punk and turn up the P-Bass pickup...
The Tone control lets you get a thumpy, soft sound, or a rocky hard sound.
It doesn't way too much, and it's built great. i've smacked it against the wall a couple times (by accident): not a scratch.

The output jack is kinda loose, so every five days i gotta turn it a little bit so its tight again.

it is built to last. As I said, easy to play, sounds great and has a great look too!

I can only recommend this bass to anyone, if you start, or if you are just looking for a Bass to rock with.

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