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User Review

Fender Standard P-Bass Special - Reviews Squier Black and Chrome Standard Precision Bass

I bought this base from Musicians Friend for $239.00 as a Bass to learn on.

With the 3 tone sunburst finish this Bass is hard to tell from the "real" Fender P Basses. Top notch construction, great playability, fabulous adjustable tone through the P and J pickups, and overall playability. I play a little bit of everything and from a funk slap to metal bass lines it does it all quite well...
I have also never been around a bass that stays in tune as well as this thing does. Overall this is a great piece of gear for beginners, and much longer term players I know have bought one of these to use in gigs after playing mine.

The strap lugs and input jack screws come out way too easily. I knew about this behavior from previous reviews and friends experience and fixed this when the first screw fell out. Not a big deal, not worth dinging Squier over except they ought to have this right from the factory. I have also had to resolder the input jack once already. The wiring conections inside the bass didn't look too solid. Nothing a little solder can't fix, but then again, Fender / Squier should have this right before it leaves the factory.

On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give it a 9. Pretty good, but not all the way there. The security of the fasteners and the solidity of the connections need to be improved, but then again, I have played $1,500.00 basses that have far worse problems.

I love it, if it were stolen or destroyed I would buy another one, or look at the MB-4.
But then again, why listen to what I am telling you. GO PLAY ONE OF THESE BASSES! I can tell you about how well mine has held up, but only YOU can tell if YOU can get this bass to make the sounds YOU want to make... So go, now, and play one of these!

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