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User Review

Small price, big sound - Reviews Squier Classic Vibe Precision Bass '50s 2011

Value For Money : Excellent
Apparently factory in PRC, the passive bass is equipped with a vintage bridge says "High Mass" 4 bridges, a handle type C pais of 20 frets, one single coil pickup contr potentiomtre by the volume and another tonality. The body is basswood, handle stocky, the color is turquoise mtalis with a white shield.

Finishing as excellent, I take a point for the color not to be got from everyone and particulirement mine ...


The game is pretty enjoyable, even for someone like me who is not a fan of sleeves pais, thanks a comfortable width. All is well equilibrated pluttlger. CSTA notes Aiges is correct for a low round with the 20 th s'arrte box.

Plug and play: you branches, you play. And sounds serious!

My rating takes into account once again got my staff, but may use more sduire fans sleeves pais.


The simplicity of the electronic music and its quality is recall the feeling of a real vintage bass. Without being versatile, the sound palette is wide, the SETTING THE Tone doing wonderful work. In everything that revolves around the rock is IDAL.

Uses a Hartke combo under test, and Marshall DBS 72115 live or silent she transplanted live (DI), the bte of did not. Good dynamic musical excellence me to try it boasts a larger config or in the studio!

The sound is simple and straightforward, the technical employee who play the rest. Nothing is perfect, so I put 9.


I use this bass for several days. I bought it in an emergency, my old Ibanez Seeing me lch. So I was looking for a bass that sounds cheap. Having tried several Cort, Ibanez or Squier others in this price range, I chose it because it stood out in the noise level and dynamic despite my rticence for color and the handle, but it is faster than having a sound mdiocre ...

With a report qualitprix bordering the indcence, I can advise that the raw thrill! A microphone, a coil, it's effective. Endpoint.

The overall score is the average of other suprieure because the price catches up with the small default aisment meeting.