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User Review

Fretless Squier MB5 Conversion / Fender - Reviews Squier MB-5 Bass

Made in Indonesia for Fender.
The bridge is a standard Fender 5 strings.
Handle mono block head + trusrod reported.
22 Frets originally transformed into a fretless.
2 JB pickups.
1 Volume, 1 bass treble for each microphone.


Défretté handle and grooves filled with frets maple leaf Sycamore 0.6 mm thick and varnished polyurethane bi-component fits neatly and well protected key rosewood accepts preferably flatwound steel strings. I preferred mount GHS Black Nylon less powerful but extremely comfortable under doigts.MMMMMWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHHH?
The MB5 no problem balancing, it is comfortable to play standing or sitting and remains a lightweight instrument.
Access to the latest freight is ok but it is low and last frets are little used. (For me).
It is a passive bass and now it is fretless sounds are round and rather severe and serious medium that easily obtained.


It corresponds to some songs that we play with the band and why I changed.
The resulting sounds are round and glides are very interesting.
A VR Ampeg SVT + 610 Hlf.
If I turned this low it is precisely because I wanted to expand my sonic palette: it's done.
Not playing or almost "Metal Rock" because I do not like this music often little melody. I want my bass sings.


I bought it in 2009 and I was transformed during this "vacation" group.
I tried and played mostly with + several low and I own several.
This is a good little fretless bass now.
It lacks power but 300 w lamp SVT VR fill this gap without a problem.
I have not bought new and renovation work cost me very little:
- 1 bilge radius 12 "Titebond glue, varnish PU bi-comp, a small sycamore maple leaf and a set of black nylon, a little skill and patience.'re Done!
Speaking of experience, this is what I wanted to get myself transforming this MB5 both in terms of work to be done as it brings sensations and so understand that this particular game is the fetless I am right into it right now and I'm progressing slowly.
To start the game the fretless was a good solution for me to transform my MB 5.