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User Review

Fender sound without broke my wallet - Reviews Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '77

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I use to fix, buy, sell or trade instruments basses and some bass equipment for hobbie. But off course, I always have my personal arsenal. I really love two sounds. One is the percussive Musicman Stingray sound and the other is the classic Fender Jazz bass sound. For my hands passed four MIM jazz basses, two USA jazz basses, theree MIJ jazz basses and off course, lot of Squiers. Yes, I write a lot but when you have the opportunity to own or try many basses, then you can compare fair. I start telling you that this is not a USA bass. You will find some cosmetics details in some of this basses that you should not find in a USA bass but this is not the rule. I saw many high end basses with tons of terrible details. In terms of paint my bass was OK but not perfect. About the settings, factory action was OK but I love low action so I made my personal setup at home. I can have the low action that I want and have no fret buzz at all. This bass is very light but not feel like a toy so I can play two hours without hurt my back. (I have back spasm). Body is light but doesn't have neck dive witch is great. The most beautiful part of this bass is the neck. Great feel and excellent fret job. Sound is fantastic. I change the strings to my preference too. I put the pickups a little closer to the strings and have a great output sound. I add a baddass bridge to it, but don't get me wrong, stock bridge works find and has good sustain. It was just my personal preference. IF you like the sound and feel of a fender jazz classic sound, and don't have problems like some friends of mine with the "Squier" name on the headstock (the sound is in your hands anyway), you should try this one before broke your wallet with a USA model.