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User Review

Amazing. - Reviews Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Everything is already said above, no need to repeat, so.


The handle is a nice olus that I have ever played. Late (very late), pleasant to the touch and easy, regardless of our size of our mimines.

Ergonomics: I love, good balance, not too heavy (compared to my PB 1979, pfiouu ..). The only difficulty or put his right thumb? On the neck pickup?, On the E string?. A bit uncomfortable in the long run.
However, more than enough space between the strings and the plate to ensure the "learned" slap.

No problem with access to acute frets, and its top immediately.
In my case, some minor adjustments of the bridges and pickups, a little bit of truss rod after one month, one jack, three knobs at the bottom and go to send severe without killing hands.
Warning to the tendency to curl on the lower strings (adapting his game).


Versatile to a fault, she does everything well. Whatever the style, it integrates smoothly. I play pretty funky, rhythm n blues but also rock, mainstream, Bowie.
Sustain amazing sound clarity and attacked for a low price of this ...
My bass teacher borrow me regularly for grooves and slappés Marcusmilleriens MarkKingiens.


Q1: 6 months
Q2: a dozen
Q3: Actually, I initially fell for the look. Then she knew unveil its other advantages, widely cited in these lines.
Q4: RQ / P: hard to beat ...
Q5: Without the slightest hesitation.

Only uncertainty: how does it evolve with time and hours of gambling? Certainly not like a real Fender U.S..
Time will tell. For now, we're happy with us without breaking the bank.

I have two other basses, much more expensive. I barely touches ..