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User Review

Good development potential. Excellent as a first purchase. - Reviews Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Value For Money : Excellent
See other reviews for specific characteristics. I have since 2008 and this is what I personally think of the features:

The wood is ... >> real wood, not straw, and it is quite ok. This is not a body in one piece but it does the job. In this price range it's great.
The >> duncan design pickups are not really exceptional (I have ultimately replaced with real seymour duncan and there it sounds!)
>> The look is very nice, however the finish is a bit awkward (the edging a little beyond, the pickguard has a sort of "lump" ...)
>> The bridge is a weak point: the grooving of one of my bridges messed up (I took the opportunity to ask a Babicz, it gave me the excuse I expected :))
>> I have a band in the upper which can be seen in one day on one side of the handle, not great but you can live with.

For the price, it's honest, it was wood, it has style.


Ergonomics is that of a jazz bass. The satin finish of the handle is nice. The body vibrates well.

The handle was too high at the beginning, after an adjustment is much better, but I think some frets are not super well placed and it is a shame if this handle is really not bad.

The sound controls are very traditional with Volume volume tone. I would have preferred as qqchose Blend / Volume / Tone but it is personal.

For the price, same is correct!


With my seymour duncan (SJB1 in SJB2 in neck and bridge) it sounds very good. I have this setup since 2008 and it's a sound that I like for my jazz bass, I'm not tired and I have no discomfort to record live.
Of course I also like the different sounds (at warwick, musicman, Rickenbaker ...) but this bass type of sound, I do not feel that it could "be better."

That said with the original pickups was the opposite ... I had to change them.

To roughly a comparison, I had the same seymour duncan on a low Cort (at about the same rate): the sound was different of course, but mostly it did not sound much, it was less alive, less direct ... difficult to describe. The pickups are not everything, I think that Squier violin gives it a great potential for great sound.

Originally: sound a little sad, no concern for most concerts rock / pop / etc but it is only correct, no more!

I note "good" because after 5 years of use I think it has potential to make a great sound (see perfect for a jazz bass but perfection ...). It is not found "stuck" with, it can evolve and it is worth it.


For its price it is a very interesting bass in a standard format and a very nice finish: you can not crash.
Given its direct competitors it has the advantage of being carved out a decent wood, not the agathis, not Nato, etc..
We can do something!

However unlike other enthusiastic reviews I put a big caveat: it is far from perfect. At 300 euros it is normal, the value for money is excellent, but in absolute terms it is correct.

Will I do it again this choice? In the context yes, I do not regret it! I still live with ;)
But today no I do not redeem this low I am no longer a student, I have a real job, so I will order my parts from Warmoth or I will consider perhaps a low sandberg. I have a perfect violin, but it is not at all the same price ...