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User Review

incredible value - Reviews Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

no need to mention everyone know the specs.


the handle is a true ice slides his own.

access to acute is a charm.

ergonomics is good whatever sitting position it tends to lean forward but accotant forearm on the body everything is ok.

there's no problem getting a good sound.


it is perfect for my musical styles rock, prog, blues, jazz.

have is not able to get a clear and bold sound without problem, the pickups are a sacred good job.

I play on an amp Ampeg PF500 connected to my computer with a good sound card and headphone denon ah-d600 and sounds, a true killer sound. I play sometimes on my EX112 eden office and it's still a killer sound.


I use it for ten days.

I had a budget of $ 600 ie before tax, I tried some other model Ibanez, Cort, Yamaha, ltd, and even a fender Mexican Jazzbass.

I'll make my own opinion.
so here I simply can not believe it, I read about 300 critics in the last two months prior to my purchase on the bass and it was only praise to no end, but I was skeptical view the price and when I decided to see it more closely I fell on my ass, the finish is perfect everything is straight and centered on the bridge pickup the key pickgard plate control the black rectangles on the handle the frets are filed down and not hanging the varnish is applied smooth and flawless, then I plugged it into an amp to try and here I must say that I was literally blown away by the sound quality of this low the pickups are powerful but also delivers a sound quality breath away really gets his Jazzbass, the control buttons are very responsive have easily gets the sound you want from very light to very fat, short for the price paid $ 300 cad I just can not believe it, only negative point the bridge is a little cheapette but it's the same job I'm still going to change it to a gotoh 201b-4 and the action was a little high but in turn the maker and voila.

in conclusion I really do not regret my choice and it has nothing to envy to the Mexican Jazzbass costing 2x the price, impeccable finish and incredible sound for this price it is theft.