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User Review

Good surprise - Reviews Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

This bass is made in Indonesia (not often read as China). The handle of Jazzbass type is maple, as well as the key. 20 frets. The model is equipped with microphones received "fender designed" jazz bass. A volume by microphones, and a tone control.


The handle of Jazzbass type is very nice, close, sliding wish to recommend for small hands. The bass is not what one might call Light. The maple body is painted in 3 parts fit perfectly, nothing to say, the finish is just perfect focus.
I have not had to change the setting of the handle, the action is low, no rope frieze, I just recovered slightly microphones, but that is a matter of taste. Mounted strings are not very pleasant, but it is not a problem. I read young bassists who want to change the pickups, I do not think it is necessary, they do their job very well, and with the mix of the two sounds to cover all styles are obtained. This bass is for me a second low for stay at home (I have a Luthman wave for now)


For what I intended, it is perfect. I play on a ebs head and 2X10 speaker eden. but I work with headphones with a mini vox APBS, which allows me to move me wherever I like. I am a musician from variety ... 45 years old and plays no effect (I abandoned my Trace Elliot compressor long.)


I have this bass for 24 hours. I played a lot of bass. First bass, Godin, fender Jazzbass us, Leduc masterpieces, Larrivée, Musicman Sterling, Warwick.
And I had a little all brands second instrument.

This Squier, for the price is a bargain, this is indisputable, and it competes with models without problem worth double. I do not know about how it ages, but we do not expect a low 300 euros impossible. So if you start at the bottom or if you are confirmed but broke, go, this bass will do just as well as a Mexican (and I know) And remember that it's Squier is written on the handle and not Fender.