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User Review

yann.basse's review - Steinberger XL2A

USA, 80 years
Series L2 series XL2 and then XL2A
Low molded composite Epoxy / Carbon
The latter two models are equipped with active pickups, but only the XL2A is equipped with a preamp. Both models are equipped with a 9V battery, but only one is active low.
To recognize an XL2 (passive) a XL2A (active), see the related topic on the


Graphite shaft, as they say.
Ergonomics? ideal, but super heavy. 8 / 10 because of that.


It's Hi-Fi, so you must love, but when you love EMG, we love the XL2A!


Unconditional I'm a fan for many years. The address of the site devoted to L-series: