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User Review

a little surprising low - Reviews Steinberger Spirit XT-25

Value For Money : Excellent
low stick Asian manufacturing solid bridge with the knobs to tune the beast. headless neck. 24 jumbo frets and a routing JB Power: 2 volumes and a tone, no selector. an ideal size for a real long instrument scale in a minimal footprint.


the neck is a little thick, it helps sustain the craft and it is very practical.
the form is confusing at first: sitting with the folding system is very correct, but standing, the button on the handle side strap is well back which requires extending the arm to reach the first boxes. So I wear it lower and vertically to overcome this drawback. It RE bar optional expansion but it must be installed / removed for transport or give up on its "portability"
Access archi-way treble to the 22nd fret.


Not really convinced by the sound at the beginning (I'm adept precision nets dishes)
after several trial settings, I found a good compromise with sound quite convincing, a little mat but very musical. if the bass is a little off but does the job. I do not like the bridge pickup only (very medium but not singing), the neck pickup sounds a little roots, it does it well, the mixture of the two gives a standard versatile sound. The tone knob is very effective in losing the metal side.


I have many basses. I bought it to be able to lug around an instrument: holidays, car trunk, various outings, plane ... the size is perfect, it is still quite heavy (solid maple body and neck). On vacation and she became my main instrument, I master degrees, and it sounds better and better. I won.
It is an instrument that must be set and tame. With him, the satisfaction must be earned.
For 350 euros new, value for money is excellent