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User Review

"To buy without hesitation" - Reviews Sterling by Music Man SB14

Relatively low light, the pleasant contours and perfect finish, no offense to those who are reluctant about the Asian manufacturing. But the image of Musicman is at stake and the specifications imposed on the quality fully respected. The bridge is similar to Musicman if not claw Sterling and not musicman affixed above. 1 master volume, 1 treble, 1médium, one serious and interesting 3-position selector (Sound Musicman serial handle side mode, a median position in my useless taste and finally a position near the bridge that offers a softer sound a little in mind "Jazzbass", but personally I do not like ...


The handle type "Jazzbass" at nut 38 is fine, very nice, one of the highlights of this bass. 22 frets and a very good access to acute. It is well balanced and very enjoyable to play. The settings are very simple in their use, no gas plant as on some basses, the corrections are effective and sound huge fashion spreads in the bass.


For my part, I prefer the fat sounds with crystal clear sound and there I served. But I'm a musician varieties and adapts easily to all styles. I do not pass judgment on its use slap ... I do not practice. I play on an amp SWR Working Pro 15, great amp for that matter.


To tell the truth, and it may seem paradoxical after the praise that I express on this bass, but I separated after a month, just an opportunity that presented itself to have a "Musicman Sterling," I 'm not convinced he best if not the logo, but I'm playing for forty years, I am pleased. I played on Yamaha, Fender Jazzbass, Larrivée, Leduc Masterpieces for 12 years, active Warwick corvette Godin. And I can forget. These low, I do not really like Warwick for the handle and a sound that did not suit me. If I stay with a Musicman is that it is a sound that suits me and I like the sound of "Jazzbass" Fender why I was hesitant. To talk about the value of Sterling SB14 report, it is simply fabulous!