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User Review

great bass - Reviews Yamaha RBX270

made in taiwan 2002 dec.volume,master tone,pickup balancer
24frets pj configuration,standard bridge,maple neck rosewood fretboard


i bouth it in 2003 april for almost 400euros here in macedonia and blew me away,once you tune this bass the other tuning is gonna happen when you are gonna change the strings.i put nickel wound and the sound is amazing,the thinest neck beatiful disign i would not change for anything.the pickup balancer is the real deal-no toogle switch no pickup selector.whit balancer you can get a p-bass but swich just a bit to the right and you have 80%p and 20% j and huge diffrence,if you want just a j sound all the way to the right and ming blowing growl like tube tone,the j-pickup is so agressive i would recommend for metal players,i know it's said that is beginer's bass but it has better features then a mexican fender and it is i would say head to head whit american standard basses,now i speak on behalf of my bass that is made in 2002 in taiwan i dont know about chinese and indonesian rbx270 but my bass,,, i give 4.5 out of 5


i use 18"RCF 300w 1992(italian made-awesome speakers),15"celestion green back 100w 1991 whit one head 100w d'larios(england) and cajavec(yugoslavian made in 1984)150w monster head GA100B
because on d'larious the bass control is missing when i play whit the j-pickup is like overdrive sound from massive tube head
i mostly play the who and john entwistle technicque of plucking p.s.not sloping and poping


ther is not a single dead spot on this bass like fenders have(9 fret on d string)the harmonics the playability,there are only one thing that bother me.i payed cash and the guy in yamaha just gives me tha bass whit nothing,no tools no free cable i mean nothing i can not adjust the e string i need the lower her down just a little and can not because he did not give me the tool for adjusting the string
i try ibanez,jackson,new at that time fender precision that was made god knows where(china or indonesia maybe was a mexican but it sounded like sh.t.i bought this one and never gonna sell it people that have seen it thinks it's brand new it's in a case cleaned every week and i have offers all of the time