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DigiTech RPX400, Now What?

I just bought a DigiTech RPX400 to record at home. Boy, do I ever feel technologically impaired!!! The modeling guitar processor has something called "presets" and I have no clue how to utilize them, or even what they are, for that matter! Can someone....anyone....out there PLEASE help me understand this whole "preset" thing? Any help at all would be more than I'm getting thanks. Verena :oops:
It's similar to my RP2000, there are 40 factory (which you cannot alter) and an identical 40 (to start with) called user presets.(which you can alter or change)

A preset is a patch that contain certain amp, effect, etc., settings to achieve a certain sound. 40 different ones. Some presets are modeled after a particular artists sound.

Spend the time to read up on the manual, including a tutorial (a hands-on lesson how to operate the RP unit) This will get you up to speed the quickest, and help you to achieve your best sound.

Have fun!

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