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User Review

Outdated and disappointing - Reviews Ibanez PUE-5

Compressor, distortion, chorus analog
Digital Delay
+ Effects loop
External power connector jack, headphone jack


Simple set of configuration
The principle is very interesting group effects "pedal" in a single pedal
memory blocks as possible effects (eg distortion + chorus) but not the setting parameters of the pedals


Chorus, compressor, distortion ... OK
The delay is a bit tricky to handle


Rather disappointed despite a concept that attracted me
Effects of variable quality, delay is limited and difficult to resolve
But the big problem in my opinion is that the pedal generates a breath, or rather a hum that makes it unusable.
I tried changing the diet, but the buzz is still there.
I had the opportunity to try also the model for low, the problem is identical, so I imagine it is an original problem
Too bad ....