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[NAMM] Keeley introduces new Workstation models

Keeley's Tone Workstation, Mod Workstation and Delay Workstation aim at reducing drastically the number of pedals on your pedalboard.

Keeley Electronics has announced the future release (March 1st) of a new series of three guitar effect pedals to be oofered at an MSRP of $299.

The Tone Workstation includes three classic Keeley effects:

  • Keeley Compressor (with Level, Blend, Sustain controls and a treble boost switch)
  • 1962/Katana Boost (Level, Tone and Drive controls, plus a switch to select either the clean Katana sound or the 1962's)
  • Red Dirt overdrive (Level, Drive, Tone knobs plus a switch to select from the Baked or Mod+ inspired by the famous Keeley Tube Screamer mods)
Keeley Electronics Tone Workstation : Keeley Tone Workstation 2016

The Mod Workstation adds both classical and modern Keeley effects, with a modulation, a boost/overdrive and an overdrive :

  • Modulation Effects (Time, Depth, Tone & Mix controls plus a switch to select modulation type from 8 possible choices - Tremolo, Harmonic Tremolo, Oscillating and Random Filter, Phaser, ADT, Analog Chorus/Vibrato, Flanger, Leslie Rotary Speaker)
  • 1962/Katana Boost, with Level, Tone and Drive controls and an additional switch to choose between the clean Katana sound and the 1962's
  • Oxbloood, with Level, Drive and Tone knobs plus a switch to make the sound fatter
Keeley Electronics Mod Workstation : Keeley Mod Workstation 1000x1000
Exact details of the Delay Workstation haven't surfaced yet, but it will feature a delay and a reverb with a tap tempo. It can be seen here :
Keeley Tone Worksations