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User Review

perfect, usable and beautiful sound (effects, fuzz etc.). - Reviews Korg Ax1000g

what is digital

drive is distortion pedals + comp = + 3 amp simulation
= modulation effects
speaker cabinet =
= ambient reverb
+ Pedal.


it is very simple


the highlight is the sound quality
The compressor is a delight: it is not powerful, but it is more beautiful and interesting than any line 6 or digitech
you can go without damaging the funk sound of his guitar

the simulation of fuzz are superb
effects: chorus, flanger, vibe are great! nothing to do with other pedals
reverb and delay ditto

The highlight is the simulation of independent hp: moving from 1X12 to 4X12 and gaining its acute
In other words, it turns your amp into a Fender all-tube! (Almost!) and a compressor
this is super nice (beware of too much treble).
I love the comp, the fuzz, the speaker simulation, chorus, flanger and the rest
the sound quality is very good

c "is an old appliance to be seen j amais outdated sound quality
nothing to do with an M9 or a digitech rp.
the simulation and grunge metal is also quite usable (unless we want a light grain)


I will say that I have 10 years
but it works well
it is very well built and indestructible!

I had the rp 300, RP350 and line 6 M9
there is no picture sound level
To zoom the tube is not comparable because of the lamp.

are the effects that work in terms of individual patch or pedals

default, you can not mix everything: chorus and reverb + or so, it is already preset in
to see up close
this is the default
but you can put 3 or 4 effects simultaneously without pb
pedal is very good and solid

I remake this choice, but I would have liked smaller
Since that time, the amp simulations have emerged! lamps as