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User Review

Quite correct - Reviews Korg Ax1000g

Analog multi effect pedal.

We find all the classic effects, various simulations of amps and speakers.


Simple enough for someone who is used to this kind of product configuration.

The manual is necessary for the novice.

With this one in hand, everything is very simple.

With this pedal you can create and record your own sound banks and you can switch between four banks at once: very handy if you go from one sound to another within a song.

It is also possible to use other switches: to turn on or off each of the 5 selected "effects" (Amp type speaker + 3 banks with their dedicated effects such)


The preset banks are rotten, but I think it is very often the case: it does not matter to you to create your own banks.

Modification and editing combined effect is not difficult and we get very good results. (You just take the time to read the manual)

All effects are satisfactory: good enough for a public does not differentiate between these sounds there and sounds obtained with much more expensive pedals ... unless there is an experienced guitarist in public ;-)


I used this pedal for 3 years, before turning to individual pedals.
I plugged it directly into a PA (pass course 500).

I left because I wanted to build me a very specific sound. I now play on a tube amp and pedal gives a certain "color" that I no longer wanted.

But I've never resolved to sell: it is a good Swiss Army knife that can advantageously help me.

Pros: seems a rock solid

Sounds are very clean.

The -: The "spring reverb" is not a supply, though the reverb is very good though.

I bought 100 euros to a friend who had himself bought 3,000 French francs twentieth century :-) (about 450 euros)

I would say that today the right price would be between 60 and 80 euros? ... 50 euros is a bargain; 100 euros exaggerated ...

I do it again without hesitation that choice.