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User Review

A bit old fashioned but it's Korg: simple, comprehensive and robust. - Reviews Korg Ax1000g

A beautiful digital multi-effect pedal very robust metal.

Many effects: Classic Chorus, Stereo Chorus, Modern Delay, Hold Delay, Stereo Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb (Room, Hall, Plate, etc..), Flanger, Wah with expression pedal volume pedal, etc..

Simulation distortions (Classic, Tube OD, Seatle, etc.).

Amp simulations (Tweed 1x8, 1x12 black panel, etc.).

+ Noise gate very successful.
+ A
+ An effective and handy tuner.


It is very easy to use, - 30 minutes was all inclusive. The manual is hardly necessary.

The knobs allow you to regain control of the amp simulations, or the many effects.

The banks are easily accessible sounds, it is easy to save a setting and simply press the knobs 4 and 5 at the same time down the banks.


The effects are general ways comprehensive (it would be almost too much) and very effective.

The only downside is on the amp simulations (it was early in 2000) and distortions.

The simulators are fairly realistic although they may suffice as needed.

And for distortion, they are often very powerful but often people see brouillonnent metallic.

It's ok for the very hard rock, but the crunch and typed blues is difficult to obtain.


I used well in the beginning but much less now because my amp (Roland Cube 30) integrates simulation amp + some very practical effects. I use it for specific delays or reverbs.

I used a Korg A5 before. It is without comparison.

This bracket is available used within 70 E. It is a bit dated but did a great job. For the time I bought it or I do it again the same choice and think soon buy a 3000G.