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User Review

Very good value for money - Reviews Korg Ax3000g

Value For Money : Excellent
fully digital multi-effect pedal

5 parts of effects:
Pre amp
simulation amp / distortion / fuzz

Crank non rackable, editable midi sounds

Inputs: Jack 6.35, entered the MP3 player plug type
insert loop: send / return jack 6.35 in
Outputs: 2 jack 6.35 for stereo headphone plug type MP3 player, optical SPDIF
controller noon: dyn type connectors in and out


Manual clear, lacks a bit of info about noon (I've never used head way)

Its easily editable, sounds are good to very good

to note the existence of a sequencer to vary almost any effect parameter. Editing is a bit daunting but few multi effects offer this kind of thing so good.

Note a: insert a loop to add the pedals or super store that you absolutely want to keep ..

Note b: pedal stroke configurable (ie you can set the adjustment range min and max) it is useful

Note 4: A switch is present in the effect pedal that switches from triggering wha automatiqueemnt


Realistic effects and adapted mostly played on an amp.

Not as good live but égualisation table mixing and quality of sound are for a lot too!

reverb and delays are good or very good

Note for each patch was its setting in one additional effective noise reductor and a master level in addition to any other settings .. very useful to put all your sound at the same level or not according to your needs.

Info for the sound bank used was developed by Korg and is used in the TONELAB vox ... for far more expensive (a lamp pre amp plus it's true ..)

a bit of latency on the pitch shifter but still acceptable

Attention to the setting sounds: config in to sound in which you play (ie do not set your sound to the headset then play amp .. the rendering is very different pa cons no problem to move or live amp .. . serve you equalize the table to get what you want.)


used for 3 years

Second multi effect (my first one .. ZOOM years old 80 .. God rest his soul)

switch to a small problem after 3 years (thomann has taken me one week after the end of the warranty .. thank you, change the switch .. and in fact it was the mixer so my local kidding no pbm bottom bracket final)

not tried other before purchase

Very good value for money. I recommend this purchase for beginners / intermediates