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User Review

Amazing - Reviews Korg Ax300g

Value For Money : Poor
Machine of the last century, hybrid technology (hybrid gain structure).

compressor distos pong delay with ducking (!), reverb, octave for what I use, noisegate too.

Convenient connectivity, output L and R jack output minijack phones separate, in the minijack. Standard 9v power supply, consumes no masses.

Compact and convenient.
No idea of ​​the base price or that I paid ...


I love the old multiFX for one simple reason: there is a knob for adjusting input with LED clip and one for output, suddenly no need to repeat the sounds because a branch grater wholesale level elementary output ... and yet I have not found this feature on existing gas plants.

Green readable display, it may appoint its sounds, and it is fairly intuitive to use.
Something great, a power stage simulation (EL84 or 6L6-choice ss) WITHOUT simulation hp, it is very natural.

The navigation is not all that easy to multiFX compared to Ibanez / zoom / digitech / boss, an adjustment period is necessary.

4 instant sounds, that's enough for any real situation other than Marillion (and there simply juggle banks), especially since the change of latency is short (my late fender mustang3 is clearly unsustainable in comparison) .


It's been three months now that I compare my dinosaurs with recent gear on vox AC15 amp high volume and stereo (2 harley benton CG15 and small sound) to see.
If generally recent are better, the ax300g korg pulls out of the game franchise and raw side-direct its saturation, as well as the accuracy and quality of the compressor. His equalizer is absolutely terrible and can adapt to any situation.

This is the best of the lot, the more raw and with a good definition. The signal / noise ratio is downright excellent compared to other multiFX tested.

I love the saturation crush (who had contributed to the success of the original pandora box, but here without quantization noise and other parasites) and the compressor on clean sounds (not really obvious to have a good ground on a multiFX) . The icing on the cake is the ducking delay available in stereo ping-pong (even my Echopark overpriced not only offers mono)!


In service for about 15 years, a lot of closet too, and always in shape.

The manual is a plus (I lost mine) given the internal logic.
Also, the pressure switch has been a problem of ground noise after a while (Korg sin optimism by saying that Franco could support it) and the solution was to disable presets.

Very useful if you have lots of guitars and the blues too!
This is the closest perfect in practice z'avaient is strong at the time