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User Review

Beautiful stamps - Reviews Korg X-911

Analog synthesizer for guitar. Analyzes the pitch and reused with VCO. A filter is applied. Contrary to what is said in another view, it can out of the synth guitar sound directly. There is a synth output AND direct guitar output.

We can play with a guitar but also a keyboard, flute, trumpet, brief provided any instrument that you play one note at a time. 911 does not follow the agreements!

With inputs on the rear panel, the synth can also be driven cv / gate but attention is the V / Hz - S-Trig, so the scores will not be fair with conventional V / October So you need a converter to play with a Beatstep for example. The converter (I use the Kenton pro-solo) will also be useful if you want to play 911 with a MIDI keyboard.

There are other connectors to enter a CV for the filter, or pedal switch .. Not tried it all.


Configuration and easy operation, the only trick is to properly set the input signal. Frankly it is groping. Polarity power (3 positions), the aim being that the "trig" lights on each note and the "peak" is not all the time on.


The sounds are beautiful. There are two sections: presets, for "natural" instruments, synth, analog to the classic tone ..
The preset part is really interesting. Each sound has its built and you can stack them all filter. My preference is for the "tuba" and "trumpet". Mandatory quotes! the "electric bass" is big and heats the whole. The "violin" is tinny.

The synth part is several octaves of the same VCO, with adjustable attack and decay. But then, everything goes through the filter, and any filter! I do not know if it is the same as MS, but it is beautiful, with a fixed resonance but great set.

The switch "synth wah" modulates the filter by the attack to make way Piou Piou acid techno. Effective, especially with the filter halfway.

So all in all, we have dozens of different stamps on hand, all with a single VCO ... No yucky.

Portamento will not work if the synth is played by entries cv / gate, too bad.


I mostly use it with a sequencer (Arturia Beatstep), I do it out in two moogerfooger, phaser and delay, and it's beautiful. I play with the presets and filters and filter attacks and the synth part. Very rich as his, with a very warm grain.

With a guitar is immediately more "musical", arpeggios and solos are a size vintage science fiction, the low notes are huge, with good management of the filter is wonderful! Add a touch of portamento and there is total psychedelia.

Conclusion: In terms of sounds available simultaneously, a snook many other synths. It can be connected to many styles. I would define it as a simplified single, controllable by MIDI keyboard and sequencer (essential converter), or controllable by guitar.

This is more than a "curiosity" if you know how to use properly, adjusting well to the module inputs!

Simple, compact and without superfluous gadget, it really is worth trying.