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User Review

funkman1234's review - Korg X-911

-Analog module that works with several instrumentals dedicated to the guitar.
Controllers-many, many see picture two pedals (LFP + Bend) and switch (permanent and fugitive)
- Jack connections in classical guitar only (except perhaps for input & output modular synth)
-6 Sounds (several octaves and tuning) + + waveforms such autowha (possibility to mix the two), vintage, korg ms-10
8 / 10 because I have little basis for comparison except 10/10


- If you are not familiar with the modular analog or like me it's not easy but we quickly found sounds nice.
The use of inputs and outputs is more complex.
Editions, a relatively simple when you love hack.
"I have not the manual, if anyone has it?


- Oh yeah! ca suits my style!
- Is analog, ca trying to synthetically reproduce sounds, so not necessarily adequate reproduction. But for my part ca has its own sound, snth of 70-80 years.
- Effects so effective
- The trigger is really good for this kind of effect
- Portamento is a small unique psyche though, the attack late AC sweep, waveform nice


2 weeks, frustrated at not having more time to test it.
Finally an analog synth guitar, or should I already say hey yes it still 30 years to the beast!
I use Line 6 filter pro, played on Micro Synth EHX (quickly), the digitech bass, moog low-pass filter.
it depends how much OCCAZ with the pedals. This is a very specific and synth autowha wholesale option more numerous, so use electro, funk, experiemental ...
Very satisfied, choice already!