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User Review

Do not buy - Reviews Korg Pandora Mini

REMS system
158 effects in 7 categories:
- Modeling microphones
- Modeled Amps
- Modeling baffles
- Effects filters and modulation
- Time
- Reverb
- Noise Reduction
- 400 effect programs
- 158 effect types
- Up to 7 effects simultaneously.
- 100 rhythm patterns, Tempo: 40-240 BPM.
- Built-in tuner.

- Entries Guitar, Bass and Aux (for MP3, CD, etc).
- Line outputs and headphone
- USB and Battery Power.
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 8 x 5.6 x 3 cm


Use not super intuitive. A reading of the manual is essential in order to manipulate the minipandora. After that, its use is simple, it is virtually plug and play!


It sounds really digital! It's REMS what! Now for mobile use, why not.
Conversely, rhythm patterns sounds really good. It replaces a good drummer in his absence during a rehearsals!


Too low volume output. Its very very digital.

Like many people, I had the error code: MEMORY ERROR. Following discussions with the Hotline and manipulation that did not help, just to say we took into account your problem and did what we could !!! KORG advised me to go to an authorized repairer. As the cost of the repair will be more than the purchase price, this response is not satisfactory and frankly shameful for a large group such as KORG. This is not a design problem of misuse.

In summary, I highly recommend buying this product! This was my first purchase KORG, the VAS was not satisfactory it will last!