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Korg PX4

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The integrated effects nomad!

By novo2010, 13/08/2011
For effects, see the website of the manufacturer. It is pretty much in that in not enough.
Very interesting: the amp simulations and famous speakers.
Rhythms (with bass) and a relatively short loop: minimal, but has the merit to exist.
In short: no fat: that of utility.
The presets are quite usable (I like More and Softweed)


It is very easy to edit. Few parameters, very intuitive.
A very valuable addition of this model is that it has knobs on the amps as gain, volume, trebble, middle, bass. Very handy.
It is very small, battery operated many hours in short, is the ideal companion for mobile guitar and / or discrete. The machine is perfect with headphones, but it also denies an amp (I plug it on a small Roland Cube 15X when I travel).


If there is any doubt: it is clear that this is not a device "fi" for studio recording. We hear a little breath, the dynamic is average, but who spoke plug it into a Twin Reverb?
The amp simulations and effects are realistic. Personally I am rather in the light or the crunch and I really enjoy.


I use it for four months. I bought OCCAZ and I can not do without. I use it more than my amp, because I often play at night or on holidays. The sounds are pleasant, you can train on simple rhythmic foundations, he is very versatile. Much more practical to connect to the headphone amp on a small model (which I did before).
If you find a used one, go for it!

Korg Pandora PX4

By MGR/Dean Brewis, 26/09/2004
Having had a good look around at what was available, this seemed to be the best option (price aside). I bought this from Sound Control in Bristol UK for £149. I've had it about 18 months and no problems and recently I have used it every day.

It is only after having 'outgrown' the PX4 that I can say just how good it is. I recently bought a Boss GT6 and a Pod 2, BUT having gone back to the PX4 I can state that the presets (the sounds/patches) it comes shipped with are truly exceptional. There are many sounds that my GT6 simply can't easily emulate and I find myself using the basic PX4 sounds for recording far more than anything else.
Its size is a great plus point, very small and portable, but don't drop it - it will easily break - a nice rubberised or armoured wrap-around guard would be a nice extra to have available and I'd even welcome more durability for a slightly larger footprint.

You must accept that this is not a gigging tool, you simply would not be physically able to switch any settings in the heat of a gig although you can attach it to your guitar strap and if you have cordless headphones, you can do an impression of EVH by playing around the house with no cables as the PX4 has infra-red output.

The built in tuner is excellent as is the phrase trainer - but there should be a timer that allows you to physically start the record mode. This is a real blip in that I might lay down a backing track (anything up to the full 32 seconds available, but having pressed the start button, the time it takes to get my hand up back on the fretboard means there is a second or two delay and if I wanted the sound to loop - it simply wouldn't.

Back to the sounds available - Melissa and Piezo are truly phenomenal, very atmospheric. I would say that the cabinet modelling is a bit gimmicky though - and all that 'Wet Air' and 'Hall' stuff is a bit daft.

I took it on holiday with me together with my Speedster Traveler guitar and to be able to sit anywhere, on the beach etc, and slap some headphones on and simply play was an experience.

EVERY electrical appliance that needs a seperate power supply should come supplied with one and not as an extra - the PX4 falls into this camp = pants. This said - this isn't really the unit as such.

Construction could be a trifle chunkier.

For the guitarist of any level - the PX4 is a great tool but not being a floor based effects processor, it is strictly a desktop recording device or garage rehearsal tool. I would say that as the presets are so good (really they are) - you could be pretty stuffed attempting to emulate the identical sounds on stage. So if you hit upon a superb sound that 'makes' a song really special - be prepared to not have that available when gigging. I found this when recording my own version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Green Manalishi' - I put a much softer down tempo section in the middle with congas with a solo over the top using the PX4. It took the song to a different place - but I was unable to reproduce the sound outside of my home studio setup. I could have taken the PX4 on-stage, but as I said earlier, this wasn't practical as things move at such a frenetic pace during a gig. I got close to the sound using my GT6, but no cigar.
Of course it depends on what you want an effects processor to do - it certainly creates a range of interesting, varied and in many cases unique sounds, plus the extras are useful and functional - but it does have its limitations.

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Sarek63's review

By Sarek63, 16/07/2004
124 possible effects, 7 simulans max. More than enough!
50 preset factory, 50 user.
They are all modifiable but only registered users can be (logical ...)
An input, a jack in outpout + std input into the jack 3.5
The case is ultra COMPCT: a big pack of cigarette with a ladle
I forgot, there are also rhythms (not editable) and bass accompaniment (we chose the tone) and also a chromatic tuner.
Big interest of the thing as well: the ability to record from either input to either the guitar live and to retake the while loop with the ability to slow down without changing the pitch!!


The use is relatively intuitive, but reading the doc (very poorly translated and unclear) is essential for certain functions.
All functions are controlled primarily by three button two "arrows" and a scroll wheel. Simple and effective.
The doc is really bad and I recommend reading the English version.


I do not speak here only for rendering output on headphones, it goes without saying that it will be very different certainnement output amp.
I plug in, in most cases, a Squier Standard Stratocaster above.
For my part I find convincing effects and effects while using fairly light (blues) I think the record is good (or presets MORE MELISSA friendly enough ....)
For against the rhythm "blues" is a horror, I prefer by far the "8beat/shfl"


I personally use the Pandora "nomad" on headphones. For this use it is fine with me. I use it for two weeks every day and I have not tested everything.
Listed price is a bit expensive (€ 225 with a personal headset IR) but the concurrency in "ultra compact" is, to my knowledge, very limited: apart from the zoom PFX 9003 a bit cheaper but much worse in terms of sound quality (it sounds digital amp and this lack of presence) there is not much ...
The importer is (I think) I have not found one much less than € 220, below, it will go to Germany for example ...
However, if it again ... I resign!

Korg Pandora PX4

By MGR/Randy, 29/12/2003
i purchased this item form guitar center for $199 because i was tired of my digitech floor effects processors and was wanting something more for just sitting around the house and for traveling.

This unit is awesome.the sounds i can get from this little unit are tons better than any of digitechs rp models in my opinion.the presets are fantastic.I havnt even started programming my own sounds yet.but it seems pretty simle to do so.the drum tracks are very realistic and very easy to record with using the phraise trainer mode.

the only thing i can think of that i dont like about it is in a live not saying it couldnt be done.i just think it might be a little difficult.

the construction and quality seem really good.but you would want to be careful not to drop it on a hard floor.but over all i think it will hold up quite nicely.

great unit especially for the price i paid for it.i think it will help tremendously in my practice sessions.

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