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Korg PX4D

Tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Korg
  • Model: PX4D
  • Series: Pandora
  • Category: Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
  • Entry created on: 06/01/2005
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                                 MAIN FEATURES


   The PX4D is a versatile multi-effects unit that packs an 

 incredible range of guitar/bass amps & effects into a compact

 unit which utilizes Korg's proprietary "REMS" modeling

 technology to create detailed & powerful modeling sounds.

   158 types of effect variations with a maximum of seven

 effects that can be used simultaneously.

  IPE(Integrated Parameter Edit) system allows easy to

 adjust effects settings.  100 user & 100 preset programs.

Amp modeling selector & control knobs

  The PX4D includes 25 different amp types including 15 

types of amp models.  10 types of bass amp models,

plus a synth, each of which can be edited quickly & easily.


Backlit LCD

The LCD screen can be easily viewed even in dark locations.


Auto Tuner Function

This feature makes tuning fast & easy.  You can also tune

without being heard(i.e., while muted).


Rhythm & Bass Function

100 types of rhythm & bass patterns of a metronome can be

used.  16 multiple patterns can also be connected for

successive playback. 


AUX Pitch Function

You can transpose audio from a CD player or other device connected to the AUX jack of the PX4D, & "erase" the bass

from a song for play along purposes with Bass Cancel function.


Phrase Trainer Function

Audio from a CD player, guitar or bass can be recorded

(maximum of 31.7 seconds), & then played back as a

loop.  The playback speed can also be slowed down with-

out affecting the pitch of the audio.  The rhythm selected

in Rhythm & Bass mode & the effect output can also be

recorded simultaneously.


TAP Button

You can easily set the Delay Time or the tempo of the rhythm

& bass function to match the tempo of the song.


Value Dial

This lets you rapidly select programs or edit the effects.


What is REMS?

REMS(Resonant structure & Electronic circuit Modeling

System)is KORG's proprietary sound modeling technology

which precisely reproduces the complex character & nature

of both acoustic & electric instruments as well as electronic

circuits in real world environments.  REMS emulates a wide

variety of sound generation characteristics instrument bodies,

speakers & cabinets, acoustic fields, microphones, vacuum

tubes, transistors, etc.


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