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Digital, whatever. - Reviews Line 6 M5

100 + effects
Need to go back to what some have very detailed.


Config simple.
Line6 continues to make us salivate with a list of all the prestigious models emulated. We'll see what it is.
I find that the selection of presets is a bit slow and unstable.


Used with U.S. Fender strat, Ibanez RG 670 Ibanez TSA 15H head on with two Celestion speaker.
User POD, I was wondering if Line6 had finally succeeded in laying a multi for the live. Nay ...
All this is made very cold and digital. Compared to my EHX Germanium 4 Big Muff or my Fulltone, the distos are sick.
Some chorus caught my attention, without more, the classic here. Ditto for phaser and flanger.
The times are not too bad. But speaking of strength (as for the dedicated pedal from the same manufacturer) is going a little fast. It is far from a Memory Man.
As for filters, it is used where and when?


Used for a week.
A lot of models tested before.
I needed a tuner, so for € 118, I said it would issue money: rab + tuner pedal. Actually, I rather regret.
Certainly, Line 6 products rather limited registration.