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Decent multi effects for the money - Reviews Line 6 M9

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I bought this pedal primarily to use with a synthesizer; more specifically, because it has a wahwah pedal model that can be controlled with an expression pedal, and Stereo i/o. I don't know of any stereo i/o wah pedals, so this fulfilled a specific function. Other than the wah I'm primarily using reverbs and delays. As a keyboard player there's a bunch of effects that I don't use - amp models, preamps, etc. The reverbs are "usable" - i.e. they're not fantastic but in a live context they get the job done. The delays are pretty good, and the M9 has the full compliment of delay types from the DL4. (I also have an EchoPro so I've grown accustomed to certain models.)
The unit is well built; metal construction, tho the display is a little hard to read despite the contrast setting (my eyes aren't so great anymore). There are a good assortment of parameters per model, and many models to choose from - flangers, chorus, spring reverb, tape delay, etc - and many many others, including pitch shifting and intelligent harmony. AND a 15 second looper, and tuner, built in. 2 Expression pedal inputs allow control of different sets of parameters, and you can assign parameters to 2 different control busses. Heel down and Toe down values are easily set and tweaked. Patch storage is minimal; you can run it in effects mode (like a collection of stomp boxes) or configuration mode (where you can call up a whole different pedal board setup). I pretty much use the same effects all the time, unless I break it out for my Lap Steel - then I have a different set of effects.
All in all it's easy to use, inexpensive and basically sounds good. If I was seriously into tone (as some guitarists are) I probably wouldn't use this. It is however a very portable way to throw a bunch of fx in a bag and go.