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Reviews Electric Guitar

Gibson N-225 Review

Gibson's Fine Ear Gibson, to whom we own a lot of legendary guitars, decided to introduce several months ago a guitar with an original shape (something that doesn't happen every day): the N-225. With a hybrid look halfway between the SG, Les Paul standard and the ES series, we just couldn't resist it... read more…

Gibson SG Standard with Min-ETune Review

Not So standard! The SG Standard is a legendary guitar that doesn't need an introduction. It's one of Gibson's best sellers, played by some of the best guitar players like Angus Young, Pete Townshend and Franck Zappa to name just a few. But the SG we have here is a bit special because it features the Min-ETune system for automatic guitar tuning! Let's look into the details... read more…

Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM Review

Let's Sail together! Pacifica — a name that recalls the beach, the ocean, the sun. If you like sailing, following the wind for hours armed only with your courage and a fishing-rod, you'll be disappointed by the present review: this is not a hunting/fishing magazine! We review today a guitar designed by Yamaha Guitar Development Hollywood that has been on the market since 1990. It's been 22 since the first Pacifica came to the world and I look forward to discovering the features of the new generation. It's my ocean quest! read more…

User reviews on Electric Guitar products

what a nice guitar (LTD - MV-200)

By Max05100569, 31/10/2019
So i found it on my attic, it was given to my dad as a gift from a guy who didnt want it anymore, didnt know it was such an expensive guitar, and it was given free, had to give it maintainance but its now really smooth to play in, its really high quality,

Versatile and Quality Build. (Godin - SDxt)

By Stryker Ryder, 27/10/2019
I am using this guitar with a Fender Blues Junior 3 amp.
I play mainly rock and blues so I use the Bridge or Neck pickups most of the time.

Godin is a brand that I had heard a lot of positive things about. The wood from Canada assembled in America...
The workmanship is excellent on this guitar. Having owned a number of Indonesian made guitars, many of them very good; the neck, frets, fit, and finish on the SDXt are better.
Intonation was excellent. I haven't needed to tweak anything, no neck or pickup adjustments.
The only things I have done with this guitar is a string change(D'Addario 10-46 Nickel Wounds)and a cleaning of the maple fretboard. The maple neck and fretboard are easy for me to play. I have smaller hands so this neck radius works very well for me.

In this price range I really didn't expect much from the stock pickups. I was pleasantly surprised and don't plan on changing them. The Neck humbucker has the sweet, smooth tone I appreciate. The Bridge humbucker has a bark or quack. I did find a downloadable guide from Godin that listed the genres for the various selector switch settings. There is a lot of versatility with the pickup configuration.
That's what I was looking for- a maple neck and fretboard guitar with the HSH pickup configuration.
I have found no cons with this model and Godin has lived up to my expectations with this guitar. And I got a really good deal on it. It also came with a Godin gigbag that was much better than the typical gigbag. This one is heavier duty.


513 is the ultimate guitar (PRS - 25th Anniversary 513)

By macaius, 26/10/2019
I am a guitar player since 1979, 40 years of playing countless electric guitars. I started from the very bottom with low budget guitars, in fact my first "great" guitar was a Fender Strat Plus in 1993 (which I still have). But being an old rock lover I always wanted nothing but Fender and Gibson. In fact my favourite ones were the Les Pauls. But back then Gibsons weren't the most affordable ones to buy. I bought my first Les Paul back in 2011.
I'm talking about all this background because in the year I'm doing this review (2019) I had the luck to introducing myself into the PRS realm.
The 513 is my second PRS guitar, because in january I pulled the trigger for a Custom 24 (which made me think on what I was doing all this time).
I was real lucky to buy the 513 on May and I need to say this is my best guitar up to date.
Just to begin with this I need to refer to the overall quality of the instrument. The action, the feel, the playability, the sounds, the looks...
This guitar has everything you would need and more. It has 5 pickups that are matched in the style of an HSH guitar.
A really cool feature that the sounds brings is the fact they can do a very wide variety of sounds. You can get beautiful twang from the the combinations, and when in single coil they sound chimey and full.
You can do up to 13 sounds due to the clever 2 blade switching system in where one blade has 5 positions figuring the classical strat combinations. The other blade has 3 positions and it's for changing the way the "humbuckers" combines. In these 3 modes you can switch between 1- Heavy humbucking: In this mode the humbuckers are connected in series, which gives it a darker and fatter sound. 2- Clear Humbucking: In this mode the pick ups are connected in parallel, so they will sound full, but quite cleaner. 3- Single coil: In this mode the guitar acts like a classic strat, but don't expect a classic strat sound. It resembles it but it has a modern twang, maybe a boutique sound if that make sense. You can make it sound great no matter the tone and volume are. The center mic is always in single so when you make the cominations they will stay the same in the position 3 of the 5 blade switch.
Reacts great to overdrive, distortion and any FX you would like to use. Lots of sustain and the tremolo bar stays in tune so well.
The guitar is very comfortable, maybe the most comfortable that I've ever played. The finish is something really awesome, just putting the hand on the neck and you will know what I'm talking about. That is PRS.
Another remarkable feature that I would like to say about this specific guitar is the fact it really has its own voice. You can recognize the sound of a Les Paul, a Telecaster...this one has a 513 sound. This is the 513, by 2016 or so this guitar was discontinued, but if you are serious in the music business and you see one used don't hesitate and go for it! it worths every penny, you will not regret it, this guitar is a keeper!
PROS: Just about everything mentioned above!
CONS: If you're low on budget it will not be an option.


News Electric Guitar

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[MUSIKMESSE] Danelectro '64

Published on 04/10/16

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