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Comments about the feature article: Advice from a Guitar Tech - forum Electric Guitar

Advice from a Guitar Tech
Kurt Block knows electric guitars. He has been working on them for three decades. He started out working on guitars in the bands he was in, and nowadays maintains the guitar collection at Gibson’s entertainment relations office in Seattle, one of eight in the U.S. — and 20 worldwide — that the company maintains to put on promotional events and provide artists with Gibson guitars to demo.

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"My theory is that you should be able to play a show, a set, be it 40 minutes or whatever, on a guitar, and unless something bad happens like you bang it into something, you should be able to play the set without having to tune it between every song, or any song, really."

Steinberger tuning system?
Steinberger tuning system?

According to Bloch, just a well setup guitar. I've never experienced a set where I didn't have to tune a few times at least, but I have rarely played with a freshly setup guitar, either.
Embarrassingly, for the first time ever I cleaned my guitar a bit (particularly the fingerboard). It had disgusting, gunky black marks towards the edges of the frets (after going 7 years without a proper cleaning, I'm surprised it wasn't worse).

Anyways, glad to know that the credit card I used to clean it up was the same method-of-choice for expert guitar techs :mdr::mdr:
Just make sure your credit card hasn't expired before you start cleaning with it. ;)

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