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Mr High Gain's review - Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH

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Try this guitar store is genial I expect to buy a gibson bah

I hesitate but the good temp I said THINKING.

I tried a lot of the top model of my two years of guitar (I own

Jackson currently dkmgt model for metalheads, I try gibson

satandard, fender, squier ...)

I love the look, the weight a bit high compared to my other guitar for me

but not interfere with it without the sustain, versatility is exeptional for me

everything can do everything but then the microphone are but thanks to a double

toune that rotary micro switch can be simple ...

bah I least expect may be looking ... can not be ... in fact there bah

has not ^ ^ so there must be but I try not to store so little

really found.

So the day I jump I thousand euro on without regret.

Conclusion: If you have enough years of guitar do you have fun and

the tunes and that you sold your guitar before it's going Cooker

be your main guitar you bought the VERSATILITY!