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User Review

TelesPaul or LesPaster? - Reviews Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Special

In big fan of indie rock broke I wanted to pay me a Jazzmaster not too expensive so I took this nice Squier. But I do not know if we can talk about Jazzmaster with this model: key bridge, electronics, there is not much to do with the original model.

The alder body, maple neck one piece, no key reported. The first thing that heckled me when I grip the radius is the key: it is virtually non-existent, the button is almost flat it is a little surprising at first but got used to it pretty quickly.

The electronics allows a lot of possibilities, only small inconvenience adjusting rings tones have the tendency to cause those volumes when one drives by and large volumes have to go back every time we fall tones since the concentric knobs are on this guitar.

Nothing wrong issue finishes, not screw around, not the least spilled varnish also that of the handle is to my taste particularly good. The icing on the cake is quartersawn maple on mine, at a price like this is pretty neat.

Let the sound now, it's mostly where the difference with the original model arises because this guitar sounds, to my ears at least, a sort of cross between a risky Les Paul and a Telecaster. She achieved the feat of having a thick sound and dry at the time, it sounds a little weird all that I own but it's hard to put into words and sounds to me it's really the image that best sums up that of the craft.

I wanted a beautiful clear the Fender sound when I bought it, I realized that I never would have: there is an acute glut really sharp, especially on the bridge pickup is almost strident. Even the neck pickup alone does not work miracles, still these unwanted treble.

I still wanted to see what she gave in saturated and there it was the slap, the famous mix of Les Paul and Tele I mentioned a little above. She has a sound that is unique to her, I may be wrong but I completely think it's the width of coils pickups that brings the thickness and the slamming of the maple key tempers everything. We keep the definition and one side a little dry while having at the same time its really consists. For the garage or crunch sounds a bit grimey this is madness.

Finally I find the value of this guitar properly indecent, provided they satisfy the clear sound that to me is his only fault.