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Finally found my happiness electric violin - Reviews RG-eviolins RG MG-4 dual

Short presentation of myself to start.
Any advice on anything, for me, is on the person.
Pianist originally violin is my second instrument, to accompany me on my songs.
Electric piano, I have very good gear sound level, a CP5, so it is the same that I want an extra violin.
Problem, I hypersensitive ears, I hear more and everything louder than most people (65db are strong for me, beyond 75 it becomes unbearable without proper equipment), so I need a instrument that has absolutely NO breath, no any noise, such as noise of the electric current (old 50 Hz), because it stress me and cut me to play the environment.

So, after extensive research on the world market electric violin without quote marks, but I try full. I finally came across my happiness.

The violins Dual RG MG, and there bleuffé. It is clean, in French, there is not, I repeat not breath, 50Hz is absent, while I have electric waves at me with all my other stuff, by this I SEVERAL electric guitar that they have plenty of 50Hz in the sound. Electronics, EMG, high quality, very well mounted in the instrument.

I connected to my multi-effects Boss 100 GT, listening my AKG K271MK2, and it's up.
Incidentally, I have almost as monitoring equipment for listening, because I like the precise side of the equipment used in recording studios. The type of material where you hear everything, so the imperfection of the instruments, if any.
And there, can anyone on what I listen, it's really clean, no audio noise.

Well, by making long mumuse, and having fun with this MG Dual, Dual side, I love it. A set of two microphones placed at various locations, which can independently adjust the gain. The result of this was the side of a vibrating string instrument rubbed, sound the same string, and the next boot of an acoustic instrument. I noticed that without putting a ton of gender effect modeling of an acoustic instrument while being played on an electric, with a bit of reverb, I can have the same sound with my acoustic violin, see even better.

What I like to Dual RG, in addition to its settings to 2 microphones, is his answer. I get to play this in the sense that it has the answer with all my shares, each stroke of the bow, as dynamic level and technique, is felt. It perfectly captures the game violinist.

Like other models from RG-eviolins, everyone can ride as it sees fit in respect of the chin, the shoulder, the set of strings, because it is a STANDARD mounting an acoustic, that c ' is not the case with other manufacturers that I do not cite. In short, a manufacturer who finally understood that in all human morphologies do not have the same Gabarie. For example, I prefer the shoulder Tido Maple S, a friend who went with me, simply took his own shoulder and rose to play on my Dual.

Incidentally, I also very much appreciate, is the advice and information given by Jean-Noel creator maker of this instrument. In addition, its website is very well detailed technical information. Jean-Noel takes a long time to answer all questions and information, telephone the time passes quickly because the information is rich and very professional.

In conclusion, I would do the same purchase it on. For this price, even for 2 or 3 times more expensive I would not find better.

In Thank You for reading, because I tend to spread myself.