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User Review

TheSoundStringTheory's review - Image Line FL Studio 11 Producer Edition


First Fl studio is very simple to install and also very fast.
Then I is not met for the moment incompatibility with anything (Controller, sound card etc.)

The manual is in English .. But unfortunately passed the course, so the manual is clear and sufficient (though it would be a little more info about plug-ins, even if the detailed manual each parameter).


It runs on Windows 8.
The computer is a I7 2400K with 16 GB of RAM (Strongly support 64-bit with FL Studio, because at the moment it is locked to 3 with "extented memory)

For performance it's hard to say, say that it does not accept the beyond of 3go ram is embarrassing can in some cases.


FL Studio How to describe except that I think it's the DAW most inspiring and creative everything I've tried (Ableton Live, Reason, Cubase, studio one etc etc).

It's simple, if have chosen the complete package that includes all other synths and you can just do anything.

It would be for me, too long and tedious ennumerer all content, but to make it short, there have: Synths (additive, subtractive and FM), an MPC, a publisher of sample (I'm a fan ) correctueur a height (a Melodyne), the pitcher (like an autotune), gross Beat (which is equivalent to at izotope shutter edit), as well as effects like a super EQ (For a time I 'like the basic eq intergré ..), limiter, compressor, maximize etc etc etc!

2 small bonus (if you can say .. ca) are "patch" that allows more or less of any cabler has what may pre VST.Avec ca can do, such as making a multiband compressor is home with any compressor and EQ (class!).
With the last update desormait can create a virtual controller (the choice of design is quite huge) to modulate anything in patch.

The latter is SynthMaker, allowing just create anything like synths, effects etc. etc..

With ca could add something small enough fun in the soft, like a visualization editor (you know the style that have seen in winamp) or to have a little guy who dances to the rhythm of music ... (hummmm yeah well it's just for fun eh ..)

FL Studio intergre desormait the performance mode that allows you to live with a bit like in fait.On triggered the pattern has stolen and ca plays contenu.L 'apc have compatible ;)

In short you would have understood, Image line has beautiful days in front of him ;)