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User Review

A new version… with nothing new ?!!! - Reviews Reason Studios Reason 10

Value For Money : Poor Audience: Advanced Users
I’ve tried to use this piece of software with a Surface Pro 4, core i7 with 16 GB of RAM. I say “I’ve tried” as versions 9 and 9.5 have never worked correctly : after 15 minutes, Reason’s memory starts leaking.

All for a bad start, with an install process that’d make me laugh hadn’t I spent 130 euros for the update: downloading a 3.6GB zip file, just to find out that barely has the install process started that Reason already goes after another 100 MB to complete it – why not after all - , then when starting it seeks no less than 7GB more of download/install, which actually corresponds to Reason 10’s new features: the 2 synths, Radical Piano, romplers and so on ! They’re not even able to put it all within a same install file. Not that much of a problem, but still annoying when you expect to try out the new features and in the end what you get is "no way, silly, so far it’s still Reason 9, wait for another half-hour"...

As for the rest, let’s get straight to it: Reason’s “most important upgrade ever” as advertised is actually... a total lack of software update! Only two new synths, a few romplers with little to no interest, Radical Piano (which has been available for 99€ for a while now) and Synchronous (available for 49€ for the same while). Those who had previously bought Radical Piano and Synchronous for a total full price of 139 € will be glad to see they should have waited for Reason 10 to get the same for 10€ less.

So NOTHING has changed, just go and read reviews for Reason 9, it’s all the same. A bit as if NI’s Maschine MK3 was an MK2 with an extra gig bag. First class b***s*** I’ll say, but that was to be expected. So let’s have a look at the new instruments – shall they be called “rack extensions”? Well, it seems it’s the case, at least they get installed as such...

Let’s get straight to the point, both synths are very pleasant but will still get everyone yawning after 30 seconds.

Add to this two world music-oriented romplers, which feature emulations of string instruments (around 10, with reverb and delay to allow for a more presentable 50 patches) and (more or less) melodic percussions. Plus, a thing that goes aah ooh and not much more – yeah, a choir simulator, why not include a recorder while they were at it? – and a few GBs of samples. Yes, this is what makes up Reason’s most important update ever.

In other words, Propellerhead has brought exactly nothing to a piece of software that still requires to be improved. Or even better, to disappear.