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FP User's review

By FP User, 31/10/2008
The only thing missing on Reason (i like the fact u cannot bring in other plug ins cause it makes this a stabler product as result) in my opinion is more Dj like features. Maybe a cross fader or tables ala radial cycling 74 even more loop control without resorting to recycle or combine them maybe. Also an easier sampler in the mode of sampletank with more samples would rule too!! still this kicks major ass

Price paid

300 USD

pretty easy though the sampler is somewhat tough, and the wires can be confusing but overall no problems here


Decent, if you add scream and both reverbs to the plate its solid. Redrum is killer though the sounds can be borderline cheesy but if you have skills you can turn cheese to pizza,....the samplers are nice, and malestrom rocks

no crashes, easy to save stuff nuff said,


Love more like til death do us part, reason rules

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Posted by: joeremixer ( 2-, 2004)

FP User's review

By FP User, 31/10/2008
There is no audio recorder. You have to use another program to record audio files to use in Reason. Also there is no way to stretch the tempo of a file. You have to use one of their add-ins/devices. The Dr. Rex Loop Player will time-stretch audio files. You also have to purchase another software program from them (RECYCLE) to be able to use the Dr. Rex Loop Player with your files. But that won't matter, once you start using the program. You'll evently get RECYCLE. Propellerheads software is top

Price paid

380.00 with tax

The interface looks nice but its not a standard interface. You have to create your song by creating/adding different devices. Once you learn what each of the devices does, you be able to add them when you need them. The keyboard shortcuts will give you headaches at first.


The sound quality is the best I've heard. I compared the same drums I used to use in my other software programs and somehow Reason makes them sound more crisp and more pronounced. You're sounds won't sound as flat.

Reason was create so you can throw away your hardware. Embrace technology. If your PC is your hardware, put Reason on it. Also, Reason has very, very low PC requirements


I love it so much, I wish I had pictures of the Props (Propellerhead Developers). I would carry the picture around in my wallet. They don't know what they did for an aspiring hip-hop producer. My first song I made using Reason was better than anything I've produced in the past 5 years. I even tried to figure out a way to clown it, I always ended up thinking, there is no way I could've did what I do in Reason with the program I used to use. I've had Reason for about 3 months, and none of my stuff sounds the same anymore. I've been taken to another level.

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Posted by: biggrome ( 2-, 2004)

yoTrakkz's review

By yoTrakkz, 03/09/2011
When I purchased it , it was loaded with stock and preset sounds and samples. But unfortunately like most of the computer software programs all of the stock drums were really weak to me, same thing with a lot of the other computer sequencing programs on the market. I feel like if you pay 300 dollars for a software it should at least come stocked with some pretty good kits of all genre’s.


Once you get all of the that down its no different than a lot of other programs on the market. I was actually expecting it to stick out from fl studio and acid and or cubase but it didn’t. So that’s why Im just saying its good, because all of those other softwares are good too. Its basically just picking which one your want to go with and feel most comfortable on . Understand your gear is a big part of the musical process and you can understand Propeller Head Reason 2.5 pretty quick.


Overall the program is great, it works and sounds great. Sequencing is extremely easy even if its your first time using a computer software to do your music and or compositions with you will be able to do them in no problem. You may have to read through the manual a few times in order to clear up a few things but its mainly just getting use to the menu and options. give it a try! But once you get use to the menu’s and options you will see that Propeller head reason has all the bells and whistles. But you don’t want to get with those once you dig in deep with this program you will be surprised on what you can do with this program, this is a powerful program that has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere.

Propellerhead Reason 2.5

By MGR/The Moose, 29/10/2003
After years of testing software, I discovered Reason 1.0. This program made it possible for me to make music with the few things I know. I bought Reason 2.5 in a store and it was about €400.

You can combine as many samplers and drummachines as you like.
You can put any sound in them and play with it.
Every style off music can be made with it.
Via Rewire you can caonnect it to your sequencer.

It's not so easy to master your song.But this is not the point for Reason, making music is.
Wavelab,T-Racks,... are beter for the job.

It has a very nice layout and everything is very clear. To be able to use 2 screen is very usefull. You can splitt your sequencer and hardware (it looks like hardware, the NN-19, DrRex, NN-XT,...).
Duallhead vgacard is the way to go with Reason.

The best music production software I've ever seen. Easy to use. Nice layout.
But it misses some things, like a spectrum meter,phase scope.

Good value for the money

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